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Mar 12, 2016

Hello Vienna! It was my first visit to this beautiful ancient yet modern and vibrant city. The funny thing is, if I am honest, it was not on my bucket list of cities to visit. But when the opportunity arose due to a business trip of my boyfriend I was fortunate enough to discover Vienna. I had plenty of time to wander of on my own and discovered some great places to go. This city is really awake and bursting with new creative hotspots. I decided to write 2 blogs on Vienna, so be patient…’Creatives and shopping local’ in Vienna is coming soon.

Some of my favs:

Marks restaurant For the best breakfasts and smoothies. I love the Nordic Breakfast with salmon, avocado, poched egg on a multi-grain bagel and a green smoothie!

MAK museum of Applied Arts Modern and contemporary arts. Don’t forget to visit the shop.

Museum Hundertwasser and Kunsthaus Wien You have to see this for yourself. A really unique and original artist.

Tian bistro Part of Kunsthaus Wien, that Flammkuchen mmmm

Flanagans Irish pub, relaxed vibe. Menu is simple but good.

Meierei Stadtpark Great restaurant. Clean and fresh white interior.

Sosaku Authentic Japanese kitchen

Toma tu Tiempo great bar where you can also take Spanish lessons

Studio UpNorth Vienna Breakfast at Marks

Breakfast at Marks


Studio UpNorth Vienna Museum Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser apartments, Kegelgasse 36-38, Vienna, Austria

Post Vienna Stadpark Studio UpNorth

Studio UpNorth Vienna plant

The plant, the colours

Studio UpNorth Vienna Flammkuchen


Studio UpNorth Vienna Gustav Klimt umbrella

On the street: Gustav Klimt umbrella

Studio UpNorth MAK books


Studio UpNorth Vienna MAK Helmut Lang

90’s Rewind

Studio UpNorth Vienna plant III


Studio UpNorth Vienna market

Studio UpNorth Vienna pop of pink

Studio UpNorth Vienna Flanagans Irish pub

Studio UpNorth Vienna Tian bistro im Kunst Haus

Vienna Tian bistro im Kunst Haus

Studio UpNorth Vienna it's all in the (red) details

Vienna it’s all in the (red) details

Studio UpNorth Vienna cup of coffee at Meierei

Coffee (and lunch) at Meierei Vienna Stadtpark

Studio UpNorth Vienna MAK typewriter

Vienna MAK typewriter

Studio UpNorth Vienna

Photos by me