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The maker: Sumday bags

Apr 18, 2016

Always on the hunt to find the perfect bag, I was happy to discover ,,Sumday” last year. A small shop in Vienna where Viktoria Hauser is building her label of cool bags that you can customize into your individual style.

I was just chatting with her, while browsing and trying the possibilities of the collection, in her newly opened store. She studied fashiondesign but after a while felt the need to work with more heavier and robust materials rather than the delicate fabrics like silk she used for her previous fashiondesigns. Everyone knows the bag in bag construction (Tell Sell anyone?) or different handles that you can switch but there was nothing on the market yet that looked just as good as a normal bag.

She tried a lot of different materials and designs. Searched for businesses to produce her collection and now in her cosy shop Victoria is explaining how her designs work. You can choose from a base made out of high quality leather or lightweight water-repellent neopren. The base comes in a variety of styles and colours and can be turned into a handbag, tote or backpack with one zipper. As an extra addition to your bag  there are clutch size leather compartments that you can zip into your bag for your keys or phone. By the way, they are really nice on their own as well, worn as a shoulderbag!

The clean minimalistic shape and design is timeless. The leather is beautiful and soft and with enough variations to choose from you can use your bag over and over again. Talking about a durable product and longterm relationship…

I consider myself a bag and shoe person. Funny thing is I don’t own a lot of bags because I rarely fall in love with one (or they cost a monthly income, no thank you). This time I fell in love and bought a small, grey leather clutch with a camel shade strap to also wear it as a shoulderbag. I can always decide to put another bag around it…Sumday…

Choices choices Sumday Vienna by studio upnorth

Cosy corner sumday vienna studio upnorth

Leather bags at sumday vienna studio upnorth

Viktoria Hauser Sumday Vienna

Designer Viktoria Hauser Sumday Vienna

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Where the bag magic happens sumday vienna studio upnorth

Grey bag from Sumday Vienna studio upnorth

Great find: Grey bag from Sumday Vienna studio upnorth

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