The maker: Studio Cassio Rome

Nov 1, 2016

Studio Cassio, Mosaic makers

One of the nice things of traveling is getting the chance to meet creative locals. In my previous post of my trip to Rome I also added a link to the website of Studio Cassio, mosaicists’ studio, Monti neighborhood, in downtown Rome.

While I was looking for a creative workshop I could do during my stay in the city, I found this studio which has almost two centuries experience with making and renovating mosaics all over the world. To bring this unique craft to a bigger audience they also offer a variety of workshops. I opted for the micro mosaics jewelry making course because I love jewelry and was really curious what I could expect of it.

Unfortunately, the day I was heading to the studio I received a message that the studio had some technical problems and the workshop was canceled but I could come up there anyway to see the studio and meet master mosaicist specialist Uliana Medikova.

The studio had a nice and light atmosphere and was situated in a vibrant area of Rome with lots of independent shops and lovely restaurants. Uliana is one of master mosaicist specialists, working in the studio for many years and was taught the art of mosaics by founder Lorenzo Cassio himself.

She explained the different time periods and styles of mosaics and the evolution of the art throughout the years. The studio not only evolved in time by working with artists like painters, developing workshops and work with fashion brands but also managed to preserve the great art of mosaics and do what they can do best: making and/or renovating the best mosaics you can find in their field of expertise. Besides a small group of master mosaicists, they work with volunteers to assist them on bigger projects. You can imagine that a big mural is not something you can achieve on your own.

While I was in the studio, one of their suppliers came in with bags of small pieces of mosaics that he had cut for Studio Cassio. Uliana explained that you need different shapes of mosaics for different type of projects and these where even and square shaped and perfect for use in a more modern mosaic.

Their latest project is the innovative mosaic pixel kit. It’s a hand size kit with great packaging that allows you to take a mosaic back home. At the studio, they make an image of your face and that’s being transferred to pixels and printed out. This picture is your template for the mosaic. Start putting the mosaics on the picture and slowly you see your face evolve in mosaics. When finished, the mosaics must be fixated and you have a cool and original souvenir

I want to come back some day and take the jewelry making course because I love the idea of wearing a unique silver piece combined with very small mosaics in a design that you have chosen and made.



studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-on-my-wayOn my way to the studio

studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-work-in-progress Work in progress

studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-fresh-new-mosaics Fresh new load of mosaics

studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-uliana Master mosaicist Uliana Medikova

studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-neighbourhood Neighborhood





studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-bracelet Mosaic jewelry in progress

studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-colours Like sweets in a candy shop


studio-upnorth-meet-the-maker-studio-cassio-mosaics-kit Pixel Mosaics Kit Studio Cassio