British-Made-Blush-Neutral-Ceramic-Tableware-Collection-Hend-Krichen02 curate and

The maker: ceramics by Hend Krichen

Aug 20, 2016

The powdery colors, the shapes! I want!

These beauties are handmade by Hend Krichen. A British designer whose London-based practice is where her pastel colored home-ware and accessories are manufactured. This creative gets her inspiration from different cultures and craftsmanship. Brought up between two cultures (she has Tunisian roots and was brought up in Great Britain) her collection Tunisian Made and British Made reveals each country’s identity.

My favorites are the pink ceramic bowl and the pink ceramic teacup and saucer. Which one is your favourite?

Hend Krichen ceramics studio upnorth the maker white silver

Hend Krichen ceramics studio upnorth the maker bowls

British-Made-Blush-Neutral-Ceramic-Tableware-Collection-Hend-Krichen02 curate and

Hend Krichen ceramics studio upnorth the maker.

Images by studio Hend Krichen