November DIY: How to style a Grey Plastron Blouse from Burda

Nov 15, 2016

Since I could hold needle and thread as a little kid I was always busy creating things out of leftover pieces of fabric. Fun thing is being like 8 or so you have no boundaries whatsoever. My dolls all ended up having dramatic dresses with asymmetric sleeves and hems.

What I remember from back then is that my mom, whenever she had the time, was sitting on the ground in the living room surrounded by piles of patterns and fabric. Whether it was a girly dress or rib cord trousers we wanted; she made it, and while I didn’t always like the fact that she made me and my sister look like twins with matching outfits (she thought it was cute haha) I loved it that I had something unique to wear and was proud of my mom.

Fast forward to 2016. I’m not wearing matching outfits with my sister anymore.. but I still love to wear nice and unique items. I inherited the virus of wanting to create my own outfits and picked up sewing lessons again.

My favorite things to do are looking for inspiration in fashion magazines, change existing items in my wardrobe or create them myself with patterns from craft/pattern magazines like Burda style, La Maison Victor, Knip (Dutch magazine) and CUT magazine (only online know).

DIY magazines and their content used to be very oudated but are stepping up their game and are more aware that it’s important to follow fashion brands and know what happens on the street when it comes to trends. The styling in the magazines is not always my taste so…

What I want to do is share a project with you every month or every two months (no pressure haha) and show you how you can style this item apart from the idea’s the magazine give you.

To kick-off this month I want to share a grey plastron blouse I made from the July edition of Burda style 2016. I’m a fan of clean lines but with a twist. In this case, it was the woven plastron that caught my eye. Not easy but I always like a creative challenge. I choose a similar fabric in a silver/grey color.

I can almost hear you think: ‘But how can I wear a summer item in November?’ No worries: by simply adding layers and mixing it up with (this) season colors it’s a great transitional piece. You can still buy this pattern on their website.







Blouse Burda style July 2016/ Cardigan (old) Selected Femme/ Turtleneck Other Stories Rome/ Flared pants H&M/ Boots (old) Zara/ Necklace from my mom/Bag Sumday Vienna

Love to hear your thoughts on this post and how you style your handmade pieces!

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