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Magazine Crush: WAD We’Ar Different

Sep 1, 2016

It’s the first of a new month and here’s another magazine crush! This time a long time crush: WAD magazine

What? Oh WAD…We’Ar Different…and they are different.

As explained on their website:

‘WAD stands for WE ARE DIFFERENT: a quarterly magazine born from the desire to mirror styles seen in the streets and the birth of Urban Fashion. Today, WAD is the reference in terms of Urban Fashion and Cultures: a pioneer magazine, a trend lab and a do not miss quarterly rendezvous’

Founded in 1999 by two friends Brice Compagnon and Bruno Collin and not to be confused with your average fashion magazine. While I would never stop reading the Vogues and Harper’s Bazaars in this world, a magazine like WAD has their own very unique way of showing us what’s going on in fashion land and on the streets where trends are born. Their based in France and working with an international team of open minded creatives.

I bought my first issue back in 2008 when I was a student at Artemis (styling academy) and all this time they succeeded by not blending in with the rest of magazines out there… Can’t remember what the cover looked like but probably with some nude in it ha-ha. There not afraid of using that. For me that’s not the reason why I think this is a good fashion magazine.

My thoughts on why I like WAD:

They don’t think in genders or follow a strict definition on what beauty is/ They use models with character/ Stories on real people/ Every time that amazing cover/ Labels are mentioned but without prices/ The models wear the clothes not the other way around/ Articles with new small but cool brands/The photography!

My list goes on and on but look for yourself and enjoy reading different!

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