Magazine Crush: Frankie

Mar 11, 2016

Let’s put it out there. I’m addicted to magazines. You can call it a Magazine Crush. Especially the ones on fashion, art and design, craft and interior. Leave me in a bookstore for hours and hours and I’m happy. Are you familiar having a brand new, untouched copy in your hand, a cup of tea in the other one and turn the first page? Yeah! Never have this with the online versions even though they are perfect to catch up and all. I stick to my analog versions and use them as a archive as well.

This crush started when I was in my teens. I now limit myself (a bit) because I used to buy almost every glossy and ended up with piles of magazines in my house because I didn’t want to throw them away (hence my post about Minimalism). I love to share my favourites with you and also introduce new titles.

Magazine crush: Frankie magazine

A magazine I recently fell in love with is the Australian based magazine  ‘Frankie’. It’s quite comparable to the Dutch magazine ‘Flow’. Packed with cool photography, crafts, interviews, fashion, travel, design & art. For the paper fanatics: it’s all printed on beautiful paper. This keeper is published 6 times a year and you can get your copy also online. I found mine, surprisingly, at the local bookstore.

Some cool stuff I found in Frankie magazine issue 68:

(current issue 70 is already out there)

Cover Frankie magazine issue 68. Magazine crush

Cover Frankie issue 68

Detail of the article: Works in progress. Frankie magazine issue 68 Magazine Crush

Works in progress. Five creatives share their half-made things.

Magazine crush. Interview Frankie magazine issue 68

Nine to five. On the job. Interview with Kit Warhurst who makes music for television.

Magazine crush. Floaty fashions to hang about in. Frankie magazine issue 68

Floaty fashions to hang about in.

Magazine crush. Into the Groove. Article Frankie magazine issue 68

Into the groove. Stories about hoarding vinyl,music snobbery and maybe accidentally, being john cusack

Frankie magazine issue 68 in Magazine Crush

Frank bits

Photo’s by me