In love with Rome: Cityguide

Oct 21, 2016

Italy is one of my favorite destinations to visit. Apart from the food, the people and lots and lots of sun, I love the whole ‘dolce vita’ way of living. Last week I got the chance to join my love in Rome on a business trip and while he was working during the day I took the opportunity to explore the city on my own.

It was literally summer when we arrived (don’t know why I packed sweaters and scarf) and the whole city bathed in sunlight so every street, yep even the crappy ones, looked really romantic.

I already did some homework before I left and wrote down some addresses and area’s I wanted to visit. There are loads of main attractions to see, but I didn’t want to spend to many hours in museums and skipped the really busy tourist areas. So I enjoyed Rome with a great city guide but also took the chance to wander off and go left or right whenever I felt like it. The recipe to find the best hidden gems I believe.

My favorites so far:

Eat in Rome

Impiccetta, authentic, Italian and loud with the best pasta!

Agustarello, for the best Roman traditional dishes


Trattoria sul Tetto, a bit hidden this rooftop restaurant and part of the Orange hotel

Dispensa, Via Paganica, Stop here for a coffee and a nice dolce

Hi-Res, this more exclusive restaurant sits on top of hotel Valadier and has the best view.

Do in Rome

Visit the Via Urbana area with it’s nice boutique shops and trattoria’s

Via Serpenti and Via Boschetto are packed with original boutiques and interior shops

Studio Cassio, mosaic making

Park Villa Torlonia

Moda Arte Design

Kingsize vintage

Chez Dédé

Marta Ray shoes

Rent a bike

Wander, enjoy the best espresso’s and come back again!

We stayed in a lovely b&b near the Villa Borghese area. It was a really beautiful old villa surrounded by a lovely garden and situated in a quiet neighborhood away from the crazy Roman traffic. Park Villa Paganini, where the villa was named after is on your way out and together with Villa Torlonia and Villa Borghese a favorite spot voor the Romans. I’ve seen a lot of the city already but next time I love to see more of the Testaccio and Trastevere area. Ciao Roma!


Pretty terracotta buildings in Trastevera area

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-chez-dede Chez Dédé really nice store, atelier and showroom


studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-dispensa Dispensa




studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-vintage Industrial vintage love!

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-trastevere Trastevere area

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-kastanjes Vendor at piazza Spagna

studio-upnorth-rome-roof-hi-res Rooftop restaurant Hi-Res



studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-kingsize-vintage Vintage at Kingsize

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-casina-del-lago Villa Borghese

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-passing-on-the-street Via della Isole

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-villa-paganini Our home away from home: villa Paganini


studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-trattoria-sul-tetto Trattoria sul Tetto




studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-mozarella Impiccetta


studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-style Streetstyle

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-arte Moda Arte design
Via Urbana


studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-chanel-window Chanel


studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-park Villa Torlonia

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-cassio Studio Cassio

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-agustarello Agustarello, do as the Romans do: dress up and eat late

studio-upnorth-rome-cityguide-hi Wandering