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Golden Joinery: “Broken is better than new”

Aug 16, 2016

“Broken is better than new”

A lot of inspiration and articles from (fashion) magazines, end up in my personal notebooks. They are archives to me and last week I was flipping through these books where I saved an older article of Golden Joinery.

Golden Joinery is an initiative from Dutch designer Saskia van Drimmelen en director Margreet Sweerts. The two are also known as the hybrid fashion collective Painted ‘which blurs the lines of fashion and performance, and expands the idea of what a garment can be’

Their recent project is inspired by the ancient Japanese technique Kintsugi where broken porcelain is repaired and glued together with gold.

Kintsugi example studio upnorth

Kintsugi example

Golden Joinery art of impact Studio Upnorth gold

In their own words:

,,Birds of a feather flock together

Often, we try to repair broken things in a manner to hide the repair and make it “good as new.”
An alternative “broken is better than new” aesthetic — that a beautiful, imaginitive repair actually adds value — has symbolic appeal to fashion collective Painted, aiming at a more hands-on, repair-friendly culture.

There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in (Quoted from Leonard Cohen: Anthem )

From the love of imperfect beauty we will repair our own and each other’s beloved yet damaged or stained garments with a beautiful ‘golden’ scar; A new brand will slowly arise.
Bring a broken garment you treasure and the willingness to work with needle and thread. We bring materials and techniques. Together we will repair with ‘gold’.Our wish to take care of the dear broken is kindred to the old Japanese Kintsugi technique”

With workshops where you can bring your old/damaged garments and repair your own or someone else’s piece with gold (thread, fabric etc.) Golden Joinery shows us an interesting new way of re-using and re-creating of our clothes.

Unfortunately, the website is still under construction so I’m curious for any new developments…. In the meantime, I’m working on my own old garments giving them a bit of gold. Since puppy dog Guus entered our lives so did holes in my clothes. He changed teeth recently and these teeth love my delicate cardigans/favourite jeans/silk tops etcetera. Enough items to save with the magic of gold!

Golden Joinery in Vienna studio upnorth

Golden Joinery Oslo studio upnorth

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Photo: Emmeline Mooij

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Photo’s from the website Art of Impact and Golden Joinery/fashion collective Painted

The Art of Impact is a temporary incentives and research programme with a focus on new and existing art and/or art projects with identifiable impact on a social issue or problem