DIY Side Zip Knit

Nov 8, 2016

It’s that time again everybody…

Days filled with grey weather, rain all day and temperatures are dropping. The only thing you can do is stay inside, throw on a warm knit and snuggle up on your couch with a cup of hot tea and loads of chocolate.

I’m a big fan of Autumn and Winter (okay the rain not so much) because we can layer up again in all things warm and soft. As a lot of people know I’m more of a fall/winter girl than a summer babe. It is funny because I’m born in June. Don’t know why but I have always loved sweaters, big fluffy vests, large scarves or anything that screams C.O.S.Y.

In summer, I always end up stressing out in front of my closet don’t know what to wear and knowing that my legs are wayyy to white for skirts and shorts. I feel more at ease, cool and happy in my winter outfits.

November couldn’t be more perfect for a DIY on a knitted sweater don’t you think? While I was going through my winter knits the other day I found this wool thrift store sweater again. It’s chunky and fluffy with a real 80’s feel to it. I remembered why I didn’t have much wear out of it because it’s a bit too narrow on the hip area. (not flattering I tell you)

This cool knit deserves to be worn so I came up with the idea of adding two zippers at each side to add more space at the seam and create a nicer silhouette at the same time.

Love how it worked out!

What you need

  • A sweater
  • Two zippers, 22 cm
  • Thread and a needle
  • Scissors
  • 2 Keychain rings



How to make:

First use a seam ripper or scissors to open both side panels of the sweater till approximately 20 cm.


Pin one side of the zipper onto the side panel and start sewing by hand (with this fabric it’s easier to use thread and needle) Repeat this for the other panel. Connect the two keychains to each zipper and that’s it!




I added a mat silver button because I think it’s a cool extra detail.





Sweater: vintage/ Scarf: vintage/ Bag: Sumday Vienna/Flared trousers: H&M