DIY Prada inspired brooches

Mar 10, 2016

Remember the Prada statement broches from last fall? Besides a lot of rain and falling leaves these beauties where everywhere and that’s an understatement. And while I am not a diamond person, the mixture of glitter and pastel perspex flowers somehow got my attention.. I have an old tweed jacket that definitely needs a broche or two… Sparkles and flowers to brighten up those grey days! I made my own version and I am very happy with the result. My pink coat loves the pins to. How about you, what do you think of brooches?

What you need:

  • Glitter beading, mine are from an old necklace
  • Plastic beads from an old bracelet, mine are from the old Marni for H&M collection. Love their shape and colour for this project!
  • Pins to attach your brooches
  • Superglue that works for plastic



How to make:

It depends on what materials you have to work with of course but what I did is just combine all the seperate pieces and try different ways to see what works and what not. I thought it would be fun to create three brooches so you can pair the bunch or use them as a single piece. I think it makes them more versatile but will leave it up to you.

Glue the different parts together and use a skewer to gently remove too much glue. Put some dots of glue at the back to attach the pin and let it dry overnight. Et voila!

Photos by me