The Makers


The maker: Studio Cassio Rome

The Makers | Travel Nov 1, 2016
Studio Upnorth magazine crush cover WAD magazine

Magazine Crush: WAD We’Ar Different

British-Made-Blush-Neutral-Ceramic-Tableware-Collection-Hend-Krichen02 curate and

The maker: ceramics by Hend Krichen

The Makers Aug 20, 2016
Golden Joinery art of impact Studio Upnorth.JPG

Golden Joinery: “Broken is better than new”

DIY Fashion | The Makers Aug 16, 2016
Meet the maker Dick Bosma Studio UpNorth

Meet the maker; Policeman and illustrator Dick Bosma

The Makers Apr 20, 2016
Sumday Vienna shop by Studio Upnorth

The maker: Sumday bags

The Makers Apr 18, 2016

-The Makers-

Creative, witty minds are everywhere. Curated by me, you can read here about the people that inspire me whether it’s what their hands can create or their attitude to life. And sometimes I get the chance to meet them, talk and drink coffee. Awesome! I have a slight preference for simple things made from natural materials and designers that think about re-using and re-creating.