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8 stylish ways to wear summer scarves part II

DIY Fashion | DIY Projects Sep 29, 2016

8 stylish ways to wear summer scarves part I

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Quick DIY: scalloped hem suede skirt

DIY Fashion | DIY Projects Sep 21, 2016
Studio Upnorth framing weekend 6

Pictures framing weekend

DIY Interior | DIY Projects Sep 4, 2016
Studio Upnorth DIY fringe espadrilles 3

DIY: Easy summer fringed espadrilles

DIY Fashion | DIY Projects Aug 30, 2016
Vintage finds i love studio upnorth

Vintage finds I love

DIY Interior | DIY Projects Aug 18, 2016

-DIY Projects-

DIY projects or Do it Yourself is what I grew up with. Back then it was just called ‘a hobby’. I remember my mum making clothes for my sister and me all the time. It’s truly a generation thing as my grandmother was always knitting and crocheting as well. When I was little I started designing and creating clothes for my dolls from leftover fabrics and it was no surprise that I went to fashion school.. I still love fabrics, paper and other materials which I can use and re-use.

Inspired by my projects and want to nail them yourself? Cool, I give you easy to follow instructions. Let’s do it, make it and have fun!