About me

Nov 4, 2015

Hi, I am Daniëlle Balfoort. Founder of Studio UpNorth, a website dedicated to showcasing awesome DIY fashion and interior projects, meet other makers and share whatever caught my eye.  I believe that life is more fun and fabulous with handmade goods.

For some time now I feel that the craziness of fast-fashion and trends that are gone before they even have the slightest chance to become classics is bothering me. With this blog I love to share awesome handmade projects from materials that I re-used and re-created. I’m really excited to start this adventure and share my projects with you!

How it all started

Since I was little I’ve been creating stuff and developed a passion for all things handmade, especially fashion items. My career till now was always a mixture of corporate life and jobs in the fashion industry. I felt it’s now or never, so here I am, taking the plunge and love to give you a peek in my (DIY) world!

I grew up and lived in the city for all my life and really never (not ever) thought of leaving. That is, before I met my better half. He moved in with me and my lovely fit for 1-person apartment soon became too small and after seeing an dozen houses way out of our budget we decided to leave the city and explore the more northern part of the Netherlands. Long story short, we moved up north. We live in a small town near the ocean and forests and never thought I would love it that much! Living here, combined with my love and appreciation for the simplicity of the Nordics, I came up with the name ‘Studio UpNorth’.

With a background in fashion and styling the urge of creating was always there but I’m a bit of a late bloomer and never dreamt of putting it all out there. That changed obviously…

Let’s meet!

I love to explore and meet up with other inspiring makers with the same love re-using and re-creating as I do. Let’s meet up and share your story or maybe we can do a creative project together!