8 stylish ways to wear summer scarves part I

Sep 24, 2016

Hi there! While I’m sitting at my desk and typing this post it’s really hot outside. That doesn’t stop me from doing a post on scarves. Summer scarves that is… and now that fall has arrived, it’s even better to wear them!

Besides wearing one around your neck, (obviously) there are many fun and stylish ways how to wear a summer scarf. Good thing about living where I live: close to the sea, most of the time there’s still a cool breeze. I’m more of a autumn/winter person myself and in that season I live in my big,chunky and fluffy scarves. I wear them so much that even my boyfriend asks me if I can have a no-scarve day now and then. A scarf can add just a bit of colour or can lift up your outfit especially when you have a fashion offday and got noooothing to wear. A scarf is always good, less trendsensitive than shoes maybe?

(The grandmother of my boyfriend died recently at the wonderful age of 92 and she definitely was a scarf person. All scarves used in this post were hers and I love to wear them and remember her.)

Sooo today I give you 8 (!) stylish ways to wear a summer scarf. A really long post this time but I enjoyed the making of it so much..

This post was getting wayyy too long so I thought let’s make two posts, twice the fun..

Today’s post part one:

  • A short scarf
  • Scarf with a golden bangle
  • Around your ankle
  • As a belt

Next week post part two:

  • Around your wrist
  • Around your bag
  • Skinny silk scarf
  • In your hair

Let’s begin!

A short scarf: a small square one works best. Fold it. Put it around your neck, tie into a loose knot and voila

Scarf: vintage/ jacket DIY



(A lot of freckles haha)

Scarf with a golden bangle: add some jewelry to your scarf 🙂 Put the scarf around your neck. Pull both ends through the bangle.

Fold one end back behind your neck and to the front again and tie a loose knot with the other end of the scarf. I’m going to wear this

with a turtleneck when it’s a bit colder.

Scarf: vintage/ bangle À la/ clutch Karen Millen sold out/ shirt Scotch and Soda




Around your ankle: Yes! Why not. Pair it with loafers for that cool, boyish look. I used a square scarf, fold it and tied it in a knot.

Hide the edges in the fabric.

Scarf: vintage/ similar shoes h&m/ old jeans Vanilia

studio-upnorth-8-ways-to-wear-summer-scarves-3 studio-upnorth-8-ways-to-wear-summer-scarves-4 studio-upnorth-8-ways-to-wear-summer-scarves-5

As a belt: it’s so easy this one, use your scarf as a belt. A small but nice extra for your outfit.

Scarf: vintage/ skirt old/ sneakers old from Zara/top DIY

If you like the scalloped hem of this skirt: read this DIY post





That’s it for part one… Love to hear your thoughts on this post!

Coming up soon part two of 8 stylish ways to wear your summer scarves.