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Studio UpNorth

Welcome to Studio UpNorth, a lifestyle website dedicated to the beautiful (handmade) things in life. This platform was born from a passion for handmade goods that look modern and contemporary, meeting and talking about other creatives and share whatever has caught my eye during travels.

Slightly addicted to slow-fashion and interior, my mission is to encourage folks to find their inner creativity by sharing clear fashion and interior DIY tutorials and step-by step instructions. I believe that craftsmanship and attention to handmade products is not a trend but a ‘classic’ and therefore here to stay.

Studio Upnorth loves to explore and discover creative businesses. Meeting out-of-the-box thinking makers with the same love for re-using and re-creating as I do. There are so many people with never-ending creative brainwaves that I want to meet, introduce to you and put them in the UpNorth spotlight as much as I can!

Look around and get inspired to start your own project, look what other talented makers have to say but basically enjoy being creative and join me in this adventure!